RHAPIS company, Ltd. a member of the Zares® group, was established in 2000. The prime focus of the company is operation of a chain of luxury retail flower outlets – RHAPIS florists as well as supply and maintenance of interior greenery.

Quality certifications
Englisch – The international Certification Network – CertificateSlowakisch Quality Austria Certification – Succeed with Quality – Certification

In order to increase specialization and provide improved service quality, the component of “greenery maintenance” was separated in 2016 and a new independent company RHAPIS Services, Ltd. was formed.

RHAPIS Services, Ltd. took over all activities related to the supply, planting and maintenance of interior greenery of RHAPIS, Ltd.

The company RHAPIS Services, Ltd. performs supply and service for many major companies in Slovakia.

The company RHAPIS Services, Ltd. is one of the leaders in its field on the Slovak market and is also a member of Zares® group, which underlines the importance of comprehensiveness and quality of services provided.